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Analysis profile panel

The analysis profile panel allows you to save the configured analysis in the context of your user and share a copy of this profile within your environment. You can also rename, create new or delete existing profiles.

The analysis profile panel consists of the following types of profiles:

  1. Private: These are the profiles created by you.
  2. Shared: These are the profiles that are shared by you or other users in the environment.

Only the users with oi.creator role can share the saved analyzed profiles and update the shared profiles. Normal users can only view the shared profiles but cannot update them.

Shared profiles are always a copy of a profile, so updating a shared profile does not change the original private profile.

Analysis profile panel

① Profile type
② Searches the saved or shared profiles
③ Saves the analyzed profile
④ Edits the profile name
⑤ Creates a new profile (removes all the variables from the config)
⑥ Lists the saved profiles

Currently, 400 profiles can be saved or shared.

To share a saved profile from the list, select the profile of your choice and click Share Icon. In the confirmation question, click Tick mark. The profile is successfully shared and other users of your environment can access it.


Sharing of Analyze Profiles is currently not supported for sub environment users.

The profiles have a time to live (ttl) of 180 days. If profiles are not used during this time (like opened or edited), they will be automatically deleted.

Last update: January 22, 2024