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Actions and Icons

Actions and Icons

Most of the icons on the Dashboard page relate to functionality, such as opening configuration panels, pop-up windows, or selection lists. Some convey or link to information, such as an icon that indicates a dashboard has been shared, or an icon that links to additional resources, such as the Help icon.

Dashboard icons appear in visually distinct groupings as follows:

  • Informational: related to additional resources or navigation, such as directing you to Help documentation, expanding or collapsing panels, or messages that confirm success of the most recent action.
  • Dashboard: apply actions to the dashboard currently open, such as saving, or sharing the dashboard.
  • Widget: apply actions currently selected widget such as refreshing its data or copying the widget.
  • Configuration: open tabs on the right side of the UI for adding data sources, configuring data sources, and designing widgets.

Main Insights Hub Monitor Page

Icons Description
Help Opens the Help documentation
Change Indicates changes have been made, but not yet saved
Dashboard Indicates current dashboard has been shared
Guidance Displays on-screen guidance in the application
Exapnds Expands the side panel
Collapse Collapses the side panel


Create Creates a new dashboard
Save Saves a dashboard
Delete Deletes the currently opened dashboard
Open Opens a share dialog where you select other users to share the dashboard with


Icons Description
toggle When toggled on, this automatically refreshes widget data according to frequency you specify.
refresh Manually refreshes the widget data
Undoes Undoes the last action taken with the widget
Reapplies Reapplies the last action taken with the widget
Copy Copies the widget
Cut Cuts the widget
Paste Pastes the widget
Delete Deletes the widget


Design Opens the Design a Widget tab
Configure Opens the "Configure a Data Source" tab
Add Opens the "Add Data Sources" tab

Last update: April 9, 2024