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Viewing the Combination History for KPI Analysis Fields

A powerful feature in KPI Analytics is the ability to view the history of particular field combinations in a discovery analysis.

About Combination History Analyses

For any row in a KPI Analysis results table, you can look at the history of field combinations. Here are some points to be aware of when running a combination history analysis:

  • When you select combination history, the results open in a new tab.
  • The row you select from the results table determines the KPI filters that display.
  • Discovery analysis settings affect combination history results as follows:
    • Date range selected in the original analysis is applied to the combination history.
    • The attributes of the selected row are included in the drill-down results.
    • Rolling date type (daily, monthly) does not affect the results grouping.
    • Group by date settings from the analysis configuration are retained.
    • For discovery analyses, the group by field setting is replaced by group by month.
    • The filters and other selections in a combination history are editable.

Combination History Analysis User Interface

This is an image of the analysis results table which shows the Actions pop-up window that opens when you click the ellipses.

History action

How to Run a Combination History Analysis

Follow these steps to run a combination history analysis:

  1. In the analysis results table, locate the row you want to run a combination history for.
  2. Click the ellipses in the "Actions" column for that row. The available actions display.
  3. Click "Combination History". A dialog box displays and contains a drop-down list for each of the data sources in your analysis.
  4. Select a "field" for each of the data sources.
  5. Accept the default label, or enter a new "label", and click "Apply". The dialog closes, and the combination history displays in a new tab.

Last update: November 21, 2023