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KPI Analysis Charts


There are many powerful features built into KPI analysis charts. This topic introduces chart and results table features. KPI Analytics charts display differently, depending on the analysis type:

  • Monitoring: a bar chart that displays counts, and the display can be switched back and forth between 'bar' and 'line' chart.
  • Discovery: a bubble chart in which the size and placement of each bubble displays the value relative to the whole, when three or more group results by settings are configured in the analysis, the analysis results display in a bubble chart with weighted percentages.

Chart Features

Here are features that apply to all analysis charts:

  • Interactive Selections: select a bar or line in a monitoring chart and its correlate row in the results table is highlighted, and vice versa.
  • Bar and Line Chart Toggle: at the top of a monitoring chart, two icons two icons are clickable, allowing you to toggle between bar and line charts.
  • Hover Information Display: hover over a line, bubble, or bar to see the extended value (beyond the decimal) of the data point.

Chart and Results Table user interface

This annotated image displays many KPI analysis chart and results table features:


Chart Red vs. Selection Red

Unique Red: when you click a bar or line in a monitoring chart, the selected bar/line turns red; to explain, this example talks about bar charts only. Since some bar charts may already have a red bar as part of the normal chart display; we developed a unique red color to symbolize selection, so users can differentiate between a red bar that has been selected and a red bar that is just red. This image shows a snippet of a bar chart on the top that has a green bar (third bar from the left). When I select that bar, it turns to the color red in the bottom row. You can see that the selected bar red is lighter and brighter than the red of a non-selected bar.

Unique red

Chart Axes

Analytics charts display the following information on the chart axes:

  • X-Axis—the count or percentage of the first "Group Results By" selection. If nothing is selected for grouping the results, the system automatically applies "Date" and "month" to display the analysis results.
  • Y-Axis—the count or percentage of the KPI value.

Last update: November 21, 2023