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  1. What should be done if some information is not updated automatically, like status of rules, the various tiles on the home page?
    • Currently, for updating the page use the reload functionality of your browser or press F5.
  2. What is the preferred web browser for the best user experience?
    • Use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best user experience.
  3. What should be done if the authentication of the plugin fails?
    • On the error message, click "Re-authenticate" button to open the plugin in new tab. Close the new tab and reload the page to get the successful plugin authentication.


  1. The homepage shows 2 assets under monitoring, but I have created rules for 5 different assets. How does this work together?
    • "Assets under monitoring" counts only assets which have an aspect named "status" of assettype core.assetstatus. Only these assets support the status.


  1. How can I see the dashboard created by other users of the same environment?
    • Dashboards have to be explicitly shared with a user. The owner / creator of a dashboard can share and assign it to users of the environment.
  2. What is the size limit for the images?
    • File size for image widget is currently limited to 150 kB.


  1. What is the preferred approach to remember the selected variables in the Time Series plugin?
    • Currently, the selected variables are only saved in the local storage of your browser. Using a browser in the incognito mode won't save the variables, hence consider using the browser in normal mode to remember the selected variables.
  2. What is the meaning of the different color codes used to mark assets?
    • The colors marked to the assets indicates the status of the assets.
      • Red: error
      • Yellow: warning
      • Blue: information
      • Green: ok
      • Grey: no status rule exists
    • For more information on assets, refer to "Assets".

Last update: July 16, 2024