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Required Input Data

In order to perform proper replenishment time and consumption time calculations, and to detect the issues that are described in detail in the Insights Hub Intralogistics Basics Chapter, the following input data is required.

Variable Common Datatype Mandatory Comment
Channel Name STRING/INT Yes Reflects the Name
Channel Length INT Yes Describes the number of containers in the material channel
Channel Type STRING Yes Can either be FIFO or Parallel (PAR)
Minimum Fill Level INT Yes Describes the minimum amount of containers in the material channel. Once this is reached a reordering is triggered by the E-Kanban system
Replenishment Time INT Yes Is the system given replenishment time until material, once it is reordered, has to be back at the channel
Location STRING/INT No Shows the location in the factory
Production Line STRING/INT No Gives the Production Line name
Sensor IDs STRING/INT No Sensor IDs can be added to the system
Sensor values INT Yes Shows the current status of the position in a material channel. If the position is filled with a container the value should be 1, if the position is empty the value should be 0
Battery Status INT/DOUBLE No Enables the tracking of the battery status of sensors. Value should be between 0 and 100%

Last update: January 22, 2024