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Insights Hub Intralogistics helps you to optimize your internal logistic processes through the calculation of relevant parameters and to monitor material channel health. The application enables you to reduce material related downtimes and understand internal material supply.

Insights Hub Intralogistics offers the following core capabilities:

  • Calculation and visualization of material replenishment and consumption times on material channels to gain insights into your production process.
  • Automatic detection and issue generation in different scenarios to increase the uptime of the material supply. Following issues are automatically tracked:
  • Empty material channels
  • Material channels below the minimum fill level
  • Material out of position
  • Consumption time is quicker than the replenishment time
  • Automatic exclusion of useless datapoints, e.g., replenishment or consumption times calculated during planned shut-downs.
  • Built in Overview Dashboard to provide current status of material supply.

Insights Hub Intralogistics is mainly targeting two different personas – on the one hand the Intralogistics Process Manager (IPM) and on the other hand the Operations Manager (OM). Both have different tasks and challenges and therefore require different solutions. The goal of Insights Hub Intralogistics is to help to resolve some of the issues.

The job of the IPM is to optimize and design the intralogistics processes to keep the material related downtimes as low and short as possible. Each downtime is costly, and therefore should be avoided by default. Their biggest challenge in design and set up of the processes, is the lack of transparency over different topics. They are not completely aware of how material is being consumed in their factory, e.g., in which frequency. Therefore, they talk to the shopfloor workers to get their experience and views, and based on these opinions, try to optimize the existing processes.

The OM is more hands-on, and works on the shopfloor. Their main duty is to supervise the tugger train drivers and line feeders, workers that walk material boxes to the close-by stations. They have to make sure that material is being handled properly and on time. Their challenges differ from those of the IPM. They are taking care of daily firefighting to keep the E-Kanban system running (you will learn more about E-Kanban systems later) and are constantly battling that material is delivered and handled on time.

The core capabilities of Insights Hub Intralogistics will help both personas to improve their work and help to reduce material related downtimes.

In the following chapters of this documentation, you will learn more about the prerequisites for Insights Hub Intralogistics, how the issues described above can be understood, and what needs to be configured to make use of Insights Hub Intralogistics.

Last update: January 22, 2024