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Material Channel – Issues Tab

In the material channel overview, two tabs are present. The first one called “Overview” was described in the sections before. The second tab called “Issues” will be described in this section. Once you clicked it, the screen content will be adjusted and two page sections will appear.

The open issues section is similar to what you have already seen where introduced before. You will see a table with the currently open issues. Next to this, you can see a donut chart, showing you the distribution of the different issues that occurred in the selected timeframe from the timepicker above the list. The list itself can also be filtered again.

The second section of this screen handles the solved issues. Here, you will only find issues, that were marked as “solved” in the issue details panel. Similar to the open issue section, you can also select the relevant timeperiod and filter for specific issues.

Issue tab

Last update: January 22, 2024