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Material Channel Information

On the top of the screen, you can see material channel related information, like the channel name, channel time, replenishment time, location, number of sensors, the minimum level and the associated production line. In addition to that, next to the channel name, different labels can be added:

  • Has open issues (yellow label)
  • Has critical open issues (red label)
  • No open issues (green label)
  • Invalid configuration (red label)
  • Under maintenance (grey label)

Below the channel information you will find a time picker, which influences the content of everything below of it. The first information you can notice, are the following four boxes:

  • Current Sensor states (this will tell if some of the sensors are currently not working, e.g., because they seem to be offline)
  • Top open issue: the top open issue name will be displayed here
  • Material Delivery: this will tell how many deliveries were were not on time
  • Current Level: Will display the current fill level of the material channel

Last update: January 22, 2024