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Factory Overview

When you open the application, the application will show you a factory overview dashboard and offer you a couple of capabilities.

Factory Overview

In the top, you can find a timepicker, which allows you to set the time. Once you have modified this setting, the dashboard below will update the data. Below the timepicker, you find a couple of boxes, which show you a range of key KPIs:

  • Without Issues: gives you the number of channels without issues.
  • With Issues: gives you the number of channels that have issues.
  • Critical Issues: gives you a number of currently open critical issues. The severity of the different issues is described in the chapter “Automatic Issue Detection”
  • Under maintenance: As a user of the application and if you pick up a task from the application, you can mark a material channel as “Under maintenance”. This will always show a number x out of the number of open issues.
  • Delivery not on time: Once a replenishment of a channel takes longer then system given replenishment time, a delivery will be counted as “not on time”. The application counts the number of deliveries for all material channels and also determines which were not on time in the given timeframe.

Below of the KPI section, you can find a section about the latest open issues. This table lists all open issues on all material channels for the selected timeframe. In the screenshot above, you can see that there are currently a couple of open issues. Every entry in this table shows the same information:

  • Colorcoding
    • Blue – Moderate
    • Yellow – Warning
    • Red – Critical
  • Issue type description including timestamp of detection
  • Material Channel Name
  • Number of counts (this concept is described in the section “Automatic Issue Detection”)
  • Issue Severity
  • Issue Symbol
    • Moderate (Blue Icon)
    • Warning (Yellow Triangle Icon)
    • Critical (Red Icon)
  • Option to view more details on the issue

Below the table you can find navigation options. Here you will again find the number of issues that occur in a specific timeframe with the navigation button that allow you to change pages in the table.

Last update: January 22, 2024