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Channel Behavior

This high-level issue type is concerned with issue types related to the consumption and replenishment time of the channel.

Irregular consumption time:

Whenever a consumption event that occurs is irregular, an issue is generated. An event is irregular when the consumption time of the event deviates more than 3 times the standard deviation from the average. This issue is a warning. Each time this occurs, a new issue will be generated as these are separate, individual events. Also, the issues of this type must be manually marked as solved.

Consumption quicker than replenishment time:

Whenever the average consumption time of a material channel drops below the system replenishment time of that channel, an issue is generated. This alerts users of a systematic issue within the channel, as it will be consumed quicker than it is being replenished. This issue is a warning. For consecutive detections of this issue, the number of occurrences on the issue will increase while the issue remains unresolved. Also, issues of this type must be manually marked as solved.

Last update: January 22, 2024