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Validating data point package

Activating data points

To run Insights Hub Edge Analytics you need to activate a data point package for the edge device.

To activate a data point package, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Insights Hub Edge Analytics and click on the "Selection" tab in the main selection.
  2. Select your edge device in the navigation.
    • The edge device, for example MindConnect Nano, appears in the selection list.
  3. Click on the edge device in the selection list, for example MindConnect Nano.
  4. Click "Remote Control" in the configuration area or "Control" in the main selection.
    • The area Control opens in the configuration area.
  5. Enable the radio button for example the basic package under the Data Point Selection section.
    Data point selection
  6. To activate the basic package, click "Update".


The basic data point package has been activated for the edge device.

Validation with multiple devices

You need an extra data package for each MindConnect Nano on which you want to use Insights Hub Edge Analytics.

Last update: November 21, 2023