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Using Custom Analysis Packages

Once the Custom Analysis definition is completed, Analysis package instances can be created within the Resources/Project Section for a selected Edge Device.

  1. Navigate to the “Resources” tab from the main selection.

  2. Select the “Analysis Packages” folder and create a new package using the “Analysis Package” option available under the “Add Resource Items” section.
    The available Custom Analysis Packages will appear below the default Analysis Packages.

    Custom analysis

  3. Select the appropriate Custom Analysis Package.
    The UI appears as designed in the Customer Analysis Content Editor.

    Content editor

  4. Enter the Name, Description (optional), and click “Save”.
    This Custom Analysis Package is now available in the “Project” section, where the data assignment is done.

  5. Navigate to the “Project” tab from the main selection.

  6. Select the appropriate Operation type and click on the “Analysis” option available under the “Add Project Items” section.

  7. Select the desired Custom analysis definition and click “Edit”.

    Edit window

  8. Assign "Input Data" by dragging and dropping from the context bar and click “save”.

  9. Download the project to the Edge Device to generate the defined calculation results.

Last update: January 22, 2024