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Using "Control"

The "Control" functionality provides information about the connection status between Edge Analytics, Insights Hub and Edge Analytics Engine. With this tool, you determine if the data transfer between Edge Analytics, Insights Hub and Edge Analytics Engine is successfully established.

The following graphic shows the "Remote Control" user interface:

Using control

① Remote Control

② Connection status represented by a green line

③ Shows available and selected Data Point Packages

④ Provides the following information:

  • Version of the Insights Hub Edge Analytics Engine
  • Authorization level
  • Data point package status

⑤ Shows the brief logs of the last hour


With the calendar, you can select different parameters for a specific search through the present messages.


① Previous month

② Select the time interval to specify your search.

③ Next month

④ Shows the selected end date of the search

⑤ Displays the current day

⑥ Input box to add the exact time for specifying the search

⑦ Click "Confirm" to apply the selected search parameters or "Cancel" to return without applying the search parameters.

⑧ Shows the selected start date of the search

Last update: May 5, 2023