Uploading configuration to Edge Device - Developer Documentation
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Uploading configuration to Edge Device

Example scenario

The authorized user of MindEdge Corporation who was responsible for creating the analysis and data source configuration has finished the configurations. Now the complete configuration can be uploaded to MindConnect Nano. Thereby the process will be finished and data transfer from the MindConnect Nano to Insights Hub Edge Analytics is enabled.


Upload configuration to MindConnect Nano.


  • You have created a device configuration
  • You have created an analysis configuration


  1. Select the edge device in the navigation.
    • The edge device appears in the selection list.
  2. Select the next edge device in the selection list.
  3. Select "Update" tab in the main selection.
    • The "Update" edit window opens in the configuration area.
  4. To start the upload process, click Forward in the "Update" edit window.
    • The configuration upload starts. After finishing, all configurations switch from "Pending" to "Active".


The configuration is uploaded to the device:

Configuration device

The analysis package now retrieves the data.

Last update: May 5, 2023