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Analysis package "Statistics"

This package calculates statistics of a given input data.


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② Package name

③ Input fields for name and description of the analysis

④ Available calculation

⑤ Assignments of this Analysis Package is within the Project

Parameter of "Statistics"

Area Parameter Description
General Analysis Package Name Add an individual name for your analysis package.
Description Add an individual description (optional).
Settings Calculation Interval [s] Add the time interval for the calculation of new values.
Upload Interval [min] Add the time interval for the upload of the calculated values to Insights Hub.
Calculations Average Calculates the average value of the input data.
Minimum Calculates the minimal value of the input data.
Maximum Calculates the maximal value of the input data.
Peak-Peak Calculates the Peak to Peak value, which is the difference between the maximum positive and the maximum negative amplitudes.
Dynamic Calculates a dynamic factor, out of the ratio of Peak-Peak to Average, which gives indications about the dynamic changes of the data.

Last update: January 22, 2024