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Insights Hub Edge Analytics offers condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, and edge-based, high and low frequent data pre-processing with out-of-the-box and custom KPI calculations.

Insights Hub Edge Analytics is an edge application to collect and preprocess high and low frequency data, corelate them and perform out of the box analysis. It also helps to receive valuable information like the health status of machines or about the performance of a production process. The calculated data can be sent directly to the Insights Hub.

The analysis of the data takes place in an application on an Edge Device. With these calculation results it is possible to perform condition monitoring of assets. The configuration of the Edge Device is done via Insights Hub app.

The analysis packages of Edge Analytics determine the relevant information and send it to Insights Hub. It provides an insight about the condition of an asset. It is also possible to define and manage your own “Custom Analysis” packages.

Insights Hub Edge Analytics offers the following options:

  • Edge Analytics allows the data preprocessing.
  • Collection, recording and archiving of high dynamic signals from a variety of data sources.
  • Sampling rates up to 50 kHz per second.
  • Local data buffering in memory for analysis then send it to Insights Hub for long term archiving.
  • Vibration analysis with a highly scalable system.
  • Improved asset availability through predictive maintenance.
  • Intuitive creation of common KPIs.
  • Usage of seven predefined KPI calculations:
    • RMS Velocity
    • Peak-Peak Velocity
    • Zero-Peak Velocity
    • RMS Acceleration
    • Peak-Peak Acceleration
    • Zero-Peak Acceleration
    • Crest Factor
  • Availability for a wide range of industries.
  • Calculate vibration characteristic values:
    • RMS Acceleration
    • Peak-Peak Acceleration
    • Zero-Peak Acceleration
    • RMS Velocity
    • Peak-Peak Velocity
    • Zero-Peak Velocity
  • Calculate vibration frequency spectra:
    • Spectrum Acceleration
    • Spectrum Acceleration Envelope
    • Spectrum Velocity
  • Calculate mathematical statistics: Average, Minimum, Maximum, Peak-Peak and Dynamic.
  • MindConnect Databus:
    • Access to S7 PLCs with Put / Get
    • Access to OPC UA servers
    • Read Modbus TCP data
    • Read Modbus RTU (RS232, RS485, RS422)
    • Access to Rockwell Protocol
    • Advanced Driver protocols as supported by MindConnect agents
  • PLC Streaming Interface
    • Read data from S71200 and 1500 with up to 1kHz
  • MQTT Data Source
    • Read data Industrial Edge Databus for SIMATIC S7 Adapter
  • It will detect the defined machine state and execute analysis with Trigger Rules.

    • You can use the collected data and visualize it with Insights Hub Monitor.

Subtenant function

The subtenant function is currently not supported for Insights Hub Edge Analytics.

Purchase Insights Hub Edge Analytics

You can buy Insights Hub Edge Analytics App from the Industrial IoT Store.

Supported browsers

Following are the supported browsers for Edge Analytics application and the tested versions are given in brackets:

  • Google Chrome (V119)
  • Mozilla Firefox (V115)
  • Microsoft Edge (V119)

Insights Hub Edge Analytics is also supported for Local Private Cloud.

Last update: January 22, 2024