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General Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring is used for a condition-based maintenance of machines, processes and complete plants. The intention is to avoid unplanned downtimes to increase availability of a plant. Therefore, a cyclic or permanent measurement and analysis of data is performed. Physical quantities can be, for example, temperature, speed, torque, vibration, pressure or current. As a result, requirements regarding sensors and connectivity in general are very high. Depending on the data acquired of different sensors which are used for the measurement. In particular, for rotating equipment, mechanical vibrations are used to determine the condition. They provide information about the load of a machine and evolving faults.

Condition Monitoring is one of the main benefits of connected devices and data, offered by be uploaded to Industrial IoT. Streaming data from manufacturing machines, industrial equipment, and other devices connected to be uploaded to Industrial IoT create a massive amount of data. The handling and managing of these data can be difficult and expensive.

Last update: January 22, 2024