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Analysis package "Event Based Data Upload"

The analysis package “Event Based Data Upload” allows you to upload defined data ranges or data snippets based on events. You can define the events that trigger a data collection. The data is recorded with the defined length and afterwards uploaded to Industrial IoT. You can select whether the data should be uploaded as files or injected as time series to an asset in the common way. The upload as a file offers a higher sampling rate than with a time series injection for example Vibration raw data. The Analysis Package "Event Based Data Upload" currently supports events of type "Time Based".


It is recommended to use an "Event Based Data Upload" analysis package, with 5 data points and 15.625 kHz sampling rate per data point. The maximum sampling rate is 23,438 kHz.
Make sure that all further uploads of the edge device do not exceed the traffic limit of internet connection.

Event based data upload

① Save, cancel or delete changes

② Package name

③ Input fields for name and description of the analysis

④ Input field for the settings of the analysis

⑤ Data that has to be uploaded

⑥ Assignments of this Analysis Package is within the Project

Parameter of "Event Based Data Upload"

The following table shows the parameters of the "Event Based Data Upload" window:

Area Parameter Description
General Name Add an individual name for the analysis package.
Description Add an individual description (optional).
Settings Collection Trigger (repeated) [min] Define the periodic time interval in which the data c is collected.
Collection Duration [s] Define the length of the data snippets in seconds, which are periodically collected and uploaded.
Data Storage Type You can select the following storage types:
- File Upload: Stores the data as files. Provides a higher sampling rate than time series.
- Time Series Upload: Uploads the data as time series to the environment structure.
- Data Lake Upload: Stores the data as files in a static structure to the Integrated Data Lake.
Data Storage Define the target asset, into which the resulting data shall be uploaded to.
Data Table The data table shows all data points which have been assigned from the context bar and are used as input data for the analysis package.

Last update: January 22, 2024