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Resource structure creation

For the Resources and Project section the structure will depend on your individual configuration. In the "Resources" section, at least one folder has to be created to insert an Analysis Package, Data Sources or Trigger Rules. The created folders can be used to structure your configuration items. In the Project section, the existing configuration items that have been created in the Resources section will be utilized to create a project. The Project structure will represent the upload path of the resulting data.


To create a new structure for your Data Sources, Analysis Package and Trigger Rule configuration within the Resources, proceed as follows:

  1. In the "Edge Device" tab, select an edge device in the navigation.

  2. Select "Resources" in the main selection.
    The Asset structure disappears and a new tree view representing the resource structure is displayed.

  3. To create a new entry in the navigation, click on "Root Folder". In the case when there is no existing structure.

  4. Type the appropriate name and press <Enter>.

  5. To create another subsection, select the new created entry, and click on "Sub Folder".

  6. Type the appropriate name and press <Enter>.

Proceed in the same way with the remaining entries. If you want to create a root entry at the first level again, select a folder on the first level, and click "Parallel Folder".


You have created a new individual resource structure and can continue to create the Data Source, Analysis Package and Trigger Rule configurations according to your needs.

Last update: January 22, 2024