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Inferring the Ontology

An ontology or a semantic model in Data Contextualization represents a layer of abstraction on top of one or more physical schemas (each schema being a data source). The ontology or semantic model is created by a domain expert who understands the domain and is familiar with the domain terminology. After the semantic model is developed, other users can use it to write Business Queries.

The expert user can specify a business class, one or more business attributes in the business class, and map each business attribute to one or more physical schema attributes while generating the semantic model or Ontology. While building the semantic model, the user can optionally choose a configuration that describes how the physical tables should be coupled. As a result, the user can utilize the semantic model as a layer of abstraction to specify domain or business-related features and join conditions.

To infer an ontology using the available schema includes the following four steps:

  1. General ontology
  2. Infer ontology
  3. Edit ontology
  4. Download ontology

General ontology

In General ontology, follow these steps:

  1. In Ontologies, click "Infer ontology".
  2. Enter the required general details such as "Ontology Name" and "Description".
  3. Click "Next".

General ontology

Infer ontology

In Infer ontology, follow these steps:

  1. List the required Schemas to "Selected Schemas" from "Available Schemas" and select arrow.
  2. Click "Infer Ontology". infer ontology step

    A model can be created with the Class and required attributes which can be edited or deleted as per the requirement.
    3.Click "Add Class" to add multiple classes.
    4.Click "Next".

Infer Ontology

① Class
② Names of attributes
③ Data type
④ Mapping
⑤ Mapping Name
⑥ Delete button
⑦ Next button
⑧ Add Class
⑨ Add Attribute
⑩ Back button

Edit ontology

In Edit ontology, a JSON file is generated. Click "Back" button to edit the required details.

Edit ontology

① Back button
② Ontology Schema
③ Download ontology
④ Json view

Download ontology

To Download ontology, click "Download ontology". A JSON file gets downloaded, thereby an Ontology is successfully downloaded.

Last update: January 22, 2024