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File Ingestion Jobs

A file ingestion job gets created when a file is uploaded to Integrated Data Lake with an appropriate metadata tag. This job can be used to check the status of all the file ingestion jobs for the tenant.

A user can upload one or more files in Integrated Data Lake with appropriate registry tags after creating a Data Registry in Data Contextualization. This initiates the schema discovery process in Data Contextualization. For more information, refer the chapter Uploading files to data Registries.

To track the progress of the schema discovery process, a single file ingestion job is generated in Data Contextualization for each uploaded file in the Integrated Data Lake(with the relevant registry tag).

A file can be filtered by entering the file name through search bar or by providing the input details in Started Date, Finished Date or Status fields.

File Ingests

① Search Bar
② File Name/ Job ID
③ Started Date for the job
④ Finished Date for the job
⑤ Status of the jobs
⑥ Message description
⑦ Filter bar
⑧ Refresh button

Last update: January 22, 2024