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Save data source

In this step, you can select a name for the data source and a project on Tableau® server, where you want it to be located. You can also add tags to the data source for organizing and filtering purposes.

Save data source

The datasource configuration is now stored in Insights Hub. Depending on the selected update mode, the data will be scheduled for processing. On completion of the data processing, it is indicated with a green checkmark. The datasource also contains static data of assets along with the IoT data.

The static data contains the following asset information:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Time zone
  • Location (country, region and locality)


When you move an existing data source from one project to another, a new data source will be created on Tableau Server at the new location. The original data source will remain in the old project on Tableau Server until it is manually deleted. Existing workbooks based on the original data source will not be migrated and will not receive any further data updates.

Last update: April 11, 2024