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Managing Data Contextualization (SDI) data sources

If Data Contextualization (SDI) is provisioned for your tenant, you can leverage the SDI Query API to create a data source from query results. The query must be created upfront. To learn how to create an Data Contextualization (SDI) query, see Creating Query using Semantic Data Interconnect (SDI).

To provision the SDI data source, follow these steps:

  1. Select the query from the left side to define the data source.
  2. Select the query from the list to view the query details on the right side, there are two types of queries:

    • Static: Static queries have a fixed query statement. After selecting the query, you can review the details on the right side and directly proceed to the next step.

    • Dynamic: Dynamic queries contain placeholder parameters. After selecting the query, you can enter values for them on the right side.


Some queries cannot be selected because they are not executable. In that case, please review the SDI configuration and fix any issues.

3.Select the data source update.
You can select a one-time data ingest or a periodic update. One-time data

4.Enter name to your data source, add tags, select a project and click “Save”.

Last update: January 22, 2024