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Limits and restrictions

The following restrictions are applicable on the working environment but are continuously subject to update:

Dashboard extensions

Dashboard extensions are not allowed to be run. Technical issues might occur while working with 32-bit Google Chrome Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build). Embedded views may have some issues in working with Chrome 80. For more information, refer to Tableau Knowledge Base.

Tableau Version

Currently, we are running Tableau Server version 2023.3.

Quota limits

The table shows the quota limits of data sources based on its type:

Data source type Limits
IoT (Assets & Asset Types), continuous update - Maximum 300000 to 3 million data points per data source, depending on the selected synchronization interval.
- This limit can be overridden to maximum 30 million data points at the risk of heavily delaying synchronization.
IoT (Assets & Asset Types), fixed range Maximum 30 million data points per data source.
Integrated Data Lake Maximum 10 MB per parquet file, Maximum 20 MB per csv file, Maximum 10 data lake data sources in total.
Data Contextualization (DC) Maximum 10 Data Contextualization (DC) data sources in total.

Requirements for Private Cloud installations

You can recommend against running antivirus software on the machines that host Tableau Server as this may significantly impact performance and stability. All the program directories should be excluded from any scan. For more information, refer to Minimum Hardware Requirements and Recommendations for Tableau Server.

Last update: May 3, 2024