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A rule automatically triggers events or tickets to notify about the possible failure of an asset. It detects the overshooting or undershooting of a defined threshold value and creates an event and ticket. You can define the exact threshold value in the rule configuration. The rule automatically logs each deviation with an event.

Rules are created in the "Rules" extension.

This following graphic illustrates an example of the threshold value of a rule as a red line in the graph:


User Interface of Rules

The following screenshot displays the "Rules" extension:

UI rules

① Lists all the rules in this asset

② Creates a new rule

③ Edits the selected rules

④ Activates a deactivated rule

⑤ Deactivates an active rule

⑥ Deletes the selected rule

Parameters of the "Rules" extension

The "Rules" user interface contains the following parameters:

Parameter Description
Name Name of the rule.
Description Shows the description of the rule.
Additional actions Shows the actions that are to follow the violation of the rule.
Active - A check shows an active rule
- A cross shows a deactivated rule.

Last update: January 22, 2024