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An asset is a digital representation of a machine or an automation system with one or multiple automation units (for example PLC) connected to Industrial IoT. The data collection and data provisioning is based on assets (Virtual). This can be anything like a pump, motor, PLC, an entire tool machine, a production line, a robot, a crane, a car, a windmill and so on. The data of an asset is collected and sent to Insights Hub to make this data available for further processing and analytics.

You can create assets in Asset Manager. You can find additional information on creating and configuring your assets in the Asset Manager documentation.

Asset Manager configures the data structure and the data connection of the assets. The asset data is structured in what are referred to as "aspects". Aspects can contain several variables of different data types. Aspects are combined, pre-configured data and form the context for the evaluation of industrial processes. Within the industry process, assets transfer the aspects as time-series data.

Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance uses assets, aspects, and variables as data model for its functions.

Last update: January 22, 2024