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Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance allows you to monitor, analyze, detect, and remotely service industrial assets such as production machines, rotating equipment, or other devices connected to Insights Hub. It combines various tools and capabilities in a single workbench. This enables service engineers to work effectively and efficiently to anticipate machine issues, identify root causes for these emerging issues and solve them remotely in many cases to have higher availability of the machines and reduce the machine downtime using predictive maintenance.

Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance offers the following features:

  • Condition Monitoring of an asset
  • Remote Services for the issues detected
  • Ticket management system to track the issues detected.


For information on data privacy polices, contact the environment owner.

Condition Monitoring

Condition monitoring involves early detection of the issues, alerting the issues, preprocess the data, perform root cause analysis and develop the required solution.

This solution allows service engineers to define rules for the notifications about the overshooting or undershooting of a defined threshold value (for example, measured vibration signal exceeding critical limits). This allows the services engineers to process the high or low-frequency data, correlate them, perform root cause analysis. Based on the analysis data, the services engineers can define and implement the solution strategies even before the machine fails and disrupts the operations. Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance access the analytical toolbox of Insights Hub Edge Analytics, an edge application to collect and preprocess high and low-frequency data, correlate them, and perform out-of-the-box analysis.

Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance offers the tools for the following:

  • Signal analysis in the time domain:

    • RMS Acceleration
    • Peak-Peak Acceleration
    • Zero-Peak Acceleration
    • RMS Velocity
    • Peak-Peak Velocity
    • Zero-Peak Velocity
  • Signal analysis in the frequency domain:

    • Spectrum Acceleration
    • Spectrum AccelerationEnvelope
    • Spectrum Velocity
  • Calculate mathematical statistics:

    • Average
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Peak-Peak
    • Dynamic.

Apart from these signals, data from any of the sensors attached to the asset will be analyzed.

The Frequency spectrum files are developed using "Insights Hub Edge Analytics". For more information, refer to "Insights Hub Edge Analytics".

Remote Services

Remote services provide efficient and low-cost support for machine tools and production equipment via the Internet. This service involves establishing the remote connection of the assets to implement the solution strategies developed for the issue detected.

Based on the root cause analysis, the service engineers identify the possible cause of the error and define and implement the solution strategies to keep the machines operational. Some of these solution strategies can be implemented using the remote connection. Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance assists the service engineers to develop the remote connection using Remote Service, which allows them to service assets through a secure log-in mechanism. To achieve this, a secure tunnel to the affected asset is established once the machine owner / operator accepts the request for an incoming connection on either a desktop or a mobile application. Once the connection is established, the service engineer can make changes or updates on the asset as per the analysis performed.

For more information on Remote connection, refer to Remote Connection.

Ticket management system

Insights Hub Asset Health & Maintenance also provides a ticket management system to enable the efficient working process of the service engineer. It allows the engineers to get an overview of all the tickets assigned to them, that requires to be investigated and solved as per the priority. The application also allows the lead engineers to administer Teams, Customers, and Employees.

Last update: January 22, 2024