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The "Info" extension enables you to fetch events and data variables information for your assets. This extension lists all the events created automatically while monitoring time series data of your asset via the rules engine. This extension also displays the static aspect details of an asset.


① Asset details

② Shows the available extensions

③ List of all the events of this asset

④ Shows the latest tickets of this asset

⑤ Shows the aspects and variables of this asset


Events are the incidents created to trigger the variation in the asset data. These events are automatically created while monitoring your time series data via the rules engine.

The event provides the following properties:

Property Description
Severity Describes the severity of the event.
For more information, refer to the below table.
Timestamp The timestamp where this event occurred.
Description A description what happened at this event.
Source The source of the event - like "Rules" or another application or device.
Acknowledged A Boolean value which indicates the state of this event, if a user has already acknowledged this event, or if this is a new event.
- New events have acknowledged state "false"
- Acknowledged events have state "true"

The severity is an integer value with the following meaning:

Icon Description Number
Error Error 20
Warning Warning 30
Info Information 40

It is also possible to visualize the asset data of the recorded event. To view the asset data of the selected event for the specific time period, select the event from the list and click "Show event in graph". In the "Time series data" extension, select the graph of your choice to visualize the signal. For more information, refer to "Time series data" chapter.

Last update: January 22, 2024