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Creating a Rule

For an instance of an asset, you can create a rule.

To create a rule, open "Assets" and select "Rules" plugin. Click the "Create" button. The rule query enables you to create a new rule and enter the individual parameters.

Parameter overview of rule query

The following table describes the parameters for defining rules:

Parameter Value Meaning
Variable Defined variable within an aspect. Defines the variable within an aspect for which the rule is created.
Condition - greater than > Input of digits.
- less than > The digit range depends on the selected tag
- greater than or equal to
- less than or equal to
- equal to
- not equal to
- on change
- in range
- out of range
Defines the trigger of the rule based on the limit violation of the threshold value.
The debounce time sets the period for the tolerance of a short-term threshold overrun or undershoot in which no event is sent.
Severity - Error
- Warning
- Information
Corresponds to the severity of the events. For more information on the severity of events, see section Events.
Description Text input
A maximum of 200 characters may be used.
Allows you to enter a description.
Limit events in time Limiting of the number of events over time. Limits the number of events for a particular time period.
Additional actions Add action:
- Set asset state
- Send an email
Describes the action that is to follow the violation of the rule.
You can select the asset state that is set when the rule is violated. Asset navigation takes on the asset state color of the rule violation that has the highest severity level.
Following a rule violation, an email is automatically sent to the specified email address.
Rule name Text input.
A maximum of 256 characters may be used.
Name of the rule.

After entering all the required parameters, click "Save".

Last update: January 22, 2024