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Managing issue labels

Within this application, it is possible to add the labels for the most commonly found issues in the assets. This labels will help the engineers to analyze and resolve the assets issues.

The issue label can only be added by the Admin. In addition to adding the issue label, the admin can also manage or monitor the issue labels. To manage the issue labels, click "Administer issue labels" in the "Admin" tab.

The following actions are possible:

  • To search for a specific issue label, click the "Toggle search" in the "Administer issue labels" screen in the "Admin" tab. It is possible to search for a specific issue labels based on the following:
    • Name
  • To create a new issue label, click "New". Enter the following details:
    • Label name: Name of the label
    • Select yes or no in the section "Can be used for conditioning monitoring"
    • Click "Create".

To edit a specific issue label details, select the label from the list and click "Edit". Update the details as required and click "Save".

To delete a label, select the label from the list and click "Delete". In the confirmation dialog, click "Proceed". This action deletes the label permanently and cannot be undone.


It is only possible to add a maximum number of 50 Labels.

Managing labels

Last update: November 21, 2023