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Error Problem Possible cause Possible remedy
MCN L1-RUN/STOP MindConnect Element Network connection problem: - Check your configuration
IoT2040 USER LED can not onboard to - Either IP address is not valid connection: If configured IP
ORANGE MindSphere or configured IP address already and Proxy are valid
No Internet exists in the network of - Check physical connection:
connection MindConnect Nano your company’s router, Ethernet
- Either disabled or invalid cables etc.
configured Proxy
- Proxy is offline
- Interrupted connection
- IP address is configured via DHCP,
but there is no internet connection.
- Firewall blocks MindConnect
- Your company’s router is damaged
MCN L2 - ERROR LED Although an asset No connection to data source Check the connection between
IoT2040 USER LED is onboarded, no MindConnect Nano and data sources
ORANGE time series are (Plant Network ports and cables -
uploaded to Fleet S7/OPC UA Server)
Manager and Visual
The address of the data point - Check the connection between
configuration can be incorrect MindConnect Nano and data sources
(Plant Network ports and cables
- S7/OPC UA server)
- Check data sources configuration.
- Check configuration of each data
MindConnect - Incorrect asset configuration - Check configuration of your asset
Nano/IoT2040 cannot - Not accomplished asset - (Network Configuration).
onboard to configuration (Network Connection)
Invalid ID of MindConnect Nano Check if MindConnect Nano ID is
MCN L2- ERROR LED Data loss MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 was too long - Check outbound connection
blinking RED offline, so it could not send data - Check Ethernet cables
IoT2040 USER LED to MindSphere and the storage is full. - Check Proxy (IP address, User
blinking RED Authentication can be required)
MCN L2- ERROR LED Firmware update - Technical problems with a new - Make sure that you are using the
RED error version of firmware correct firmware type
IoT2040 USER LED - Incorrect firmware type (MindConnect Nano/IoT2040).
- Certificate problems, - MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 will
Authentication problems etc. automatically restart and then
firmware update will be carried out
after a while.
- If MindConnect Nano/IoT2040 does
not restart automatically, then
restart it manually: by switching
on and off the “power button” on
MindConnect Nano and by switching
off/on the power supply for
MindConnect IoT2040.
MCN L3- MAINT LED Onboarding failed - Configuration file on the USB stick - Make sure that the data on the
ORANGE is invalid USB stick still is valid. (The
IoT2040 USER LED - Internal error data, which you exported to the
blinking USB stick, is still valid only for
7 days.). If it is expired, use the
asset configuration to export a new
valid configuration to your USB
- Check asset configuration and
reconfigure, if it is required and
export a new configuration to USB
MCN L3-MAINT LED Problems with USB - Incorrect formatting of USB stick - Check format and partition of the
blinking RED stick (no FAT or FAT32) USB stick. It must be FAT or FAT32
IoT2040 USER LED - USB stick is damaged formatted and may only contain a
blinking - Write error, USB stick is write- single partition.
protected or its memory is full. - Try a new USB stick
- Configuration file is invalid
(damaged, illegible)
- See also below
Although no LED Problems with USB stick: - Remove and plug an USB stick into
lights are shown - Configuration file in USB stick MindConnect Nano
(except PC ON/WD cannot be read or accepted by - Check the diagnosis file on the
with constant MindConnect Nano: USB stick.
GREEN) and internet - Problems with configuration file - Check the name of the
connection is OK, - Configuration file is located in an configuration file. It must have
MindConnect Nano incorrect directory. MindConnect Nano ID. Do not change
still cannot be - Expired configuration file on the the name of the downloaded file.
onboarded to USB stick - Check whether the directory is
MindSphere - The configuration file is invalid valid. (Configuration file must be
or not copied to the USB stick in the root directory of the USB
stick.) Make sure that the data on
the USB stick is still valid. (The
data, which you exported to the USB
stick, is still valid only for 7
days.) If it is expired, use the
asset configuration to export a
new valid configuration to your
USB stick.
System Error Unknown - Switch MindConnect Nano off and
on again.
- If the problem persists, contact
your Siemens Support/„Expert

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