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Overview of Sinumerik protocol

The following image shows the data source input window for the Sinumerik protocol:

Sinumerik protocol


The supported device types are S7 SINUMERIK, example S7 840D sl.

In order to connect a Sinumerik device, you need to select the Sinumerik protocol and enter the following data source parameters:

Parameter Description
IP Address IP address of the device.
Slot Number Choose the correct slot number, where the “NC unit” of the device is mounted.

Sinumerik data point parameter

The following image shows the data point parameter window:

Sinumerik parameter

The following table shows the parameter of the Sinumerik data point window:

Parameter Description
Datapoint Address Peripheral address strings in WinCC OA must be entered in a symbolic manner using the Siemens BTSS format. Examples: S7Conn1./Nck/Spindle/speedOvr[1], NCK2.@SinumerikErrors@
Type The following datapoint types are supported: int, long, double, boolean, string
Type Transformation For the above datatypes, the following transformation types are available (see also table below): int: INT16, INT32, UINT16, UINT32, BYTE; long: INT16, INT32, UINT16, UINT32, BYTE, DATETIMELONG; double: FLOAT, DATETIMELONG; boolean: BIT; string: STRING, DATETIMELONG, BLOB
Data Acquisition Mode The following modes are supported: READ, WRITE, READ and WRITE

The following table shows the transformation type of the Sinumerik data point window:

Transformation type Description
INT16 16 Bit Integer signed
INT32 32 Bit Integer signed
UINT16 16 Bit Integer unsigned
FLOAT Floating-point value
BIT Boolean
UINT32 32 Bit Integer unsigned
DATETIME Date/Time variable (used for S7 300 and S7 400 models)
BITSTRING Bit pattern
DATETIMELONG Date/Time variable (used for S7 1200 models)

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Last update: May 19, 2022