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Creating a type in Asset Manager

To enable data mapping, you first have to create an asset type. An asset type is a pre-configured template for an asset. The asset type predefines which aspects are integrated into the template. You have to link aspects to an asset type to enable the connection to a data point.

For information on creating an asset, refer "Creating an aspect and variables".


  • You have created an aspect.


To create an asset type proceed as follows:

  1. Click on the "Types" tab in Asset Manager.
  2. Click on "BasicDevice".
  3. To create a new asset type click Create.
  4. Enter ID and name for asset type, e. g. "Wind turbine".


    The ID must be named as "".

    New asset

  5. Select an aspect type from the dropdown menu, e. g. "Generator". You can find additional information on aspects in the chapter Creating an aspect and variables

  6. Enter an aspect name and click "Add".
  7. To save the asset type click "Save".


You created a new asset type. The new asset type is now available in the presets. The following graphic shows the new available asset type "Wind turbine" in assets.

Select type

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Last update: May 19, 2022