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User rights in "Factory Twin"

The user rights depend on the following user roles:

  • Admin
  • User

The following table gives an overview of the permissions for different user roles:

Rights Admin User
View Timeseries and Events 🗸
Create Simulation Runs 🗸
Create Digitial Twin Models 🗸
Edit Digital Twin Models 🗸
Delete Digital Twin Models 🗸
Create Digital Twin Instance 🗸
Edit Digital Twin Instance 🗸
Delete Digital Twin Instance 🗸
Create Study 🗸
Delete Study 🗸
Create a new run 🗸 🗸
Delete simulation run 🗸 🗸
Create a recipe 🗸
Edit a recipe 🗸
Delete a recipe 🗸
Create Enterprise Gateway 🗸
Edit Enterprise Gateway 🗸
Delete Enterprise Gateway 🗸
View Enterprise Gateway details 🗸 🗸
View Job Monitoring details 🗸 🗸
Delete completed jobs 🗸

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Last update: April 29, 2022