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Usage of a Component in a Project


Prepare edge device within Edge Analytics:

  • Activated edge device.
  • Individual structure has been created within the "Resource".
  • A Project has been configured within the “Project” section.
  • A Component has been created within the “Components” sections.


  1. In the "Edge Device" window, select an edge device.
  2. Select "Project".
  3. Select an item of type “Asset” within the Project Tree and click “Edit”.
  4. Drag and drop a Component from to Context Bar to the drop zone.
  5. Click “Save”.
  6. In the "Edge Device" window, select an edge device.
  7. Click “Update” tab.
  8. Click on update button to update the new configuration.


You have successfully assigned a new Component. The Frequency Markers of this Component now can be visualized at the chosen Asset within the Complex Data Plugin of Operations Insight.

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Last update: November 21, 2022