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Required hardware

To enable data transfer from your asset to Edge Analytics, you need a supported Edge Device.

  • MindConnect Nano
  • MindConnect Software Agent (HyperV and Docker)
  • MindConnect IoT2050
  • Industrial Edge

You can expand the configuration with the following devices to take full advantage of Edge Analytics:

  • SIPLUS CMS1200 SM 1281
  • SIMATIC S7 1200 PLC

The following graphic shows an example of the data exchange between the asset and Edge Analytics:

Edge analytics

Ethernet Ethernet


To ensure that Edge Analytics runs correctly, commission the individual hardware components as specified.

You find the instruction in the following manuals:

  • SIPLUS CMS 1200 SM 1281 operating manual
  • SIMATIC S7 1200 PLC operating manual
  • Getting Connected to MindSphere

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Last update: January 11, 2023