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Onboarding Edge device

If the edge device, for example MindConnect Nano, is not onboarded, the following is displayed:

Edge device

To onboard the device in Asset Manager, click on "Onboard this device".

You will get redirected to Asset Manager. You find the information for onboarding the device in the documentation of Getting Connected to MindSphere.

Onboarding an Industrial Edge device with Edge Analytics

To onboard an Industrial Edge, ensure that the Edge Analytics application is installed on the target device from the Industrial Edge Management Hub. For information about Industrial Management Hub and how to manage Industrial Edge devices, see Industrial Edge Management documentation.

To onboard an Industrial Edge, proceed as follows:

  1. Within the Asset Manager application, create a new Asset of type core.industrialedgesoftwareagent and enter the Industrial Edge Software Agent Plugin.


  2. Within the Industrial Edge Software Agent Plugin, edit the connection settings using the “Settings” button, if required.

  3. Click the “Download Onboarding Key” button.

    Onboarding key

  4. Once the Edge Analytics App for Industrial Edge has been installed to a target device, access the device using its webserver and start the Edge Analytics App.

    Analytics apps

  5. Within the Edge Analytics App, click the “Onboard your device” button.

  6. Click the “Choose File” option and select the onboarding file that is previously downloaded.


  7. Select the “Onboard with file” option.

  8. Once the onboarding process is finished, configure the Industrial Edge device within Edge Analytics in MindSphere.

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Last update: April 20, 2022