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Data Visualization

To visualize complex data such as Spectra, calculated and uploaded by Analysis Packages, a Complex Data Plugin is provided for Operations Insight and Fleet Manager. The plugin will be available as soon as the Edge Analytics application has been enabled for a target tenant.

To visualize complex data, the corresponding aspect containing the uploaded data needs to be selected within Operations Insight or Fleet Manager and the complex data plugin needs to be opened. Subsequently, the complex data will be listed up for the defined time range and can be selected for visualization.

The Complex Data Plugin allows selecting multiple spectra, to compare them with each other.

Fllet manager

① Buttons for zooming/moving, undo zooming/moving, switching between a line or bar interpolation of the shown spectrum

② Buttons to select previous or next spectrum

③ Name filter for spectrum selection

④ Chart area

⑤ List of available files

⑥ Buttons to clear spectra selection and to refresh selected time picker range

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Last update: April 20, 2022