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Style Guide

To make a consistent appearance, your application must comply with the requirements stated in the Operator Cockpit. Further information and details of the style guide and specifications can be found in the Operator Cockpit documentation and in the User Experience Toolkit for Insights Hub and Industrial IoT.

Application Icon and display name

Application Icon:

Your application icon is the first way to communicate the benefits of your application. Your application requires input from you in order to create a unique icon for your application. Your registered company name must be attached to the application icon to clearly indicate that you are the provider of the application. The design of your application icon must be distinctively different from the design of icons used by Siemens as part of the services (e.g. Asset Manager, Insights Hub Monitor).

Display name:

Every application must have a unique display name. The name of the application is important so that potential customers have a clear understanding of what your application offers.

Application user interface

When you make your application available via a Insights Hub URL to subscribers of the MindAccess IoT Value Plan or Insights Hub Capability Packages, your application web frontend must provide the following elements:

  • Insights Hub OS Bar must be integrated by code snipped into your application. This provides a User with essential core functions like Home-Button. For information how to integrate OS Bar please refer to Developer Documentation.
  • A control with your company name, telephone number or e-mail address that describes how to receive service and support for your application. For your application, this control is not allowed to refer to Siemens.

When you make available your self-hosted application via a non-Insights Hub URL to 3rd parties, your application web frontend must not

  • Integrate the Insights Hub OS Bar or any part of it.
  • Refer to Siemens by any means. This comprises but is not limited to design and content but excludes references to Insights Hub which are necessary to illustrate login (or other technical) requirements.


Details regarding branding you must comply with when marketing your solution can be found in the Marketing Guide.

Last update: January 22, 2024