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This DevOps Guide is solely for use by subscribers of Operator and/or Developer Services (as included in a MindAccess Developer Plan and/or MindAccess Operator Plan or certain Insights Hub Capability Packages) (incl. their Users).

It provides information for the development and testing of applications, as well as for deployment, productive operation and provisioning of applications via the respective Account and/or Environment. You must meet or exceed all requirements specified in this DevOps Guide for all applications.

Please note that as of the date of release of this DevOps Guide is solely applicable to subscribers (incl. their Users) of Operator and/or Developer Services as included in a MindAccess Developer Plan and/or MindAccess Operator Plan.

The requirements and recommendations described in this DevOps Guide provide only partial information and are only a supplement to the requirements described elsewhere in the agreement governing your subscription to the Developer and/or Operator Services. They shall not be understood as limiting, restricting or otherwise conflicting in any way with requirements set out elsewhere in such agreement.

This Guide is provided "as-is" and will be updated from time to time. Information in this Guide, including URL and other website references, may change without notice. This Guide has been reviewed for consistency with the Offerings (sometimes also referred to as ‘Services’) described.

Siemens will make efforts to keep this document accurate and up to date, however due to the rapid evolution of Insights Hub, inconsistencies cannot be entirely excluded. The information in this DevOps Guide is reviewed regularly and necessary corrections are included in subsequent editions.

No license to any software or Service, know-how or other intellectually property right is granted, conveyed or implied, by this document and all rights are expressly reserved by Siemens. You may copy and use this document solely for your internal reference purposes.

Last update: January 22, 2024