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User rights

You can access DevOps Cockpit from the Launchpad in your Development Environment. You will need at least one of the following roles to access the DevOps Cockpit:

  • Developer
  • Operator Admin
  • Developer Admin role.

These roles can be defined in MindSphere Settings app by your "System Administrator". MindSphere Settings app can be available on MindSphere Launchpad. For more information on assigning roles, see Assign users to a role in Settings documentation.


"Developer Admin" role is assigned to the application by default in DevOps Cockpit.

The following table shows the assignment of roles:

Role Role
Right Developer Admin Developer
Create application
Register the application
Provision the applications to test environment(s)
Upload Binaries
Approve Upload
Set to “Ready for Production”
Assign to Operator

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Last update: June 30, 2022