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User Interface

DevOps Cockpit application can be accessed from Launchpad by clicking the following icon:


Home screen

From the "Home" screen of DevOps Cockpit, you can get an overview of all the apps that you have created in your environment, number of open app requests, a summary of recent activities and start a new app journey.

Quick Links redirects you to the applications, access to user documentation.


① Available navigation tabs

② Displays the total number of applications

③ Displays the total number of applications assigned to the operator

④ Allows to start a new application development journey

⑤ Displays the recent activities performed within the application

⑥ Navigates to the "Applications" screen, and Provisioned APIs screen

⑦ Navigates to the DevOps Cockpit documentation

Open App Requests

This tile displays the application requests offered by the developers from the other tenants. Click "Manage App requests" to view all the list of applications that are offered by the developers to the operator. The operator can choose any application from the available list and accept it for further use.


Provisioned APIs

The Provisioned APIs in Quick links redirects to a list of third-party API applications provisioned from other tenants. You can view the API application name, version, Operator ID and the environment it is provisioned to.


The following are the navigation tabs available in DevOps Cockpit:


Using the navigation menu, it is possible to:

  • View the overview and quick links within the application
  • Create new application with default configuration
  • Create new application with Step By Step configuration (advanced configuration)
  • View recent activities performed within the application

User rights

You can access DevOps Cockpit from the Launchpad in your Development Environment. You will need at least one of the following roles to access DevOps Cockpit:

  • Developer
  • Operator Admin
  • Developer Admin role.

These roles can be defined in the Settings app by your "System Administrator". Settings app is available on the Launchpad. For more information on assigning roles, see Assign users to a role in Settings documentation.


"Developer Admin" role is assigned to the application by default in DevOps Cockpit.

The following table shows the assignment of roles:

Role Role
Right Developer Admin Developer
Create application
Register the application
Provision the applications to test environment(s)
Upload Binaries
Approve Upload
Set to “Ready for Production”
Assign to Operator

Last update: January 22, 2024