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User interface

DevOps Cockpit application can be accessed from "Development Environment" by clicking the following icon:


Click on "DevOps Cockpit" to display the Overview screen. The "Overview" gives you a quick overview of all the details of DevOps Cockpit user interface.

Start screen

From "Start" screen of DevOps Cockpit, you have an overview of all the apps that your have created in your MindSphere environment, a summary of recent activities and start a new app journey using the fast and easy creation guide. Click the "Start with an application" button to help you step by step with the initial workflow needed to add your existing apps to MindSphere.

Quick Links will lead you to "Fast Feedback" and allow you to participate in our "Feedback Survey". We encourage you to send your ideas and suggestions, so that we can continue to develop and improve your experience in working with DevOps Cockpit.


① Access DevOps Cockpit and other applications from MindSphere Launchpad

② Navigation tab of the application features

③ Displays the total number of applications and navigates to the "Application Overview" screen

④ Displays the total number of applications requested and navigates to the "Application Request" screen

⑤ Allows to start a new application development journey

⑥ Displays the recent activities performed in the application

⑦ Displays the announcements of MindSphere Platform

⑧ Displays the list of the available applications in "Application Overview" screen

⑨ Navigates to the DevOps Cockpit documentation

⑩ Navigates to the "Fast Feedback" or "Feedback Survey" screen

DevOps Cockpit Navigation tabs

The following are the navigation tabs available in DevOps Cockpit:


① Create new application with default configuration

② Create new application with Step By Step configuration (advanced configuration)

Application Overview screen

The "Application Overview" displays the details of available applications in DevOps Cockpit.


① Search the desired application from the list

② Provides a list of all available applications

③ Creates a new version of the application

④ Adds a new application

⑤ Filter the applications with the selected type

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Last update: September 7, 2022