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Registering an Application on the Production Environment

You can make your application available on the production environment by registering the application.

Registering an application


  • The application is already assigned to own production environment
  • The application is assigned to an external operator (optional)


  1. In the "Home" screen, under "Applications", click "See details". Navigate to the application that you want to assign to register on production.
  2. Click on the application to view the Lifecycle Management details.
  3. Click "Register on Production".
  4. Enter the Display name and Description and upload the suitable icon for your application.
  5. Verify the Cache Control field and click "Register".

    register on production

For any UI application with API dependencies, the screen is displayed as below:


"Registered Dependencies" displays the dependent API apps configured for that UI application, status of each API app and the percentage based on how many dependent API apps have been registered.


The application is successfully registered on the production environment.

De-registering an application

To disable an application from the production environment, select the registered application, select "Register on Production" from the Lifecycle management tab. Select "Deregister application".

Last update: January 22, 2024