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DevOps Cockpit offers customers one centralized place to bring your apps into MindSphere. It helps you to integrate, test, use productively and provision your application to other external users.

DevOps Cockpit is designed to simplify the application lifecycle. We improved and enhanced the application performance. It is the combination of former Developer Cockpit, Operator Cockpit and distributed functions into one continuous and centralized place to simplify the developer experience.

You can access the DevOps Cockpit from the Launchpad in your Development Environment. You need at least one of the following roles to access the DevOps Cockpit:

  • Developer
  • Operator Admin
  • Developer Admin roles

These roles can be assigned to your user in MindSphere Settings application by your “System Administrator” and MindSphere Settings will be available on MindSphere Launchpad. For more information about Settings application, see Settings documentation.

Early Access

Currently, DevOps Cockpit is in early access phase. The current release covers all User Interactions until Step "G". For more information about Application Lifecycle and related User Interactions, see Application Lifecycle in DevOps Cockpit.

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Last update: July 7, 2022