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Assigning an Application to an External Operator

It is possible to assign your application to an external operator to take over the production activities for application created by you.


If the Operator unexpectedly deleted the assigned application from the own production environment, then you can click "Assign to own production environment" to re-assign the application to your own production environment.


  • You should have the Developer Admin role
  • The application is already assigned to own production environment


  1. In the "Home" screen, under "Applications", click "See details". Navigate to the application that you want to assign to an external operator.
  2. Click on the application to view the Lifecycle Management details.
  3. Click "Assign to external operator" and click the "Assign" icon.
  4. Enter the name of the Operator tenant for which you want to assign the application and click "Assign".

    assign to external operator

    In the operator environment, the Operator needs to click "Accept" to acknowledge the assignment. The application has to go through the assignment stages and the threefold handshake to get the application published.

  5. After the acceptance by Operator and the 3-way-handshake, click grant-external-operator to grant the application.


The application is successfully assigned to an operator.


Next steps

After the application is assigned, it is required to register the application on the production environment. For more information, refer Registering an application on production.

Last update: January 22, 2024