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Application Types and Hosting Types

This chapter describes the "Application Types" and "Hosting Types" in DevOps Cockpit.

Types of Applications

DevOps Cockpit allows you to add the following types of applications:

  • Standard: The standard type of application provides an user interface for application users.
  • Operations Insight Plugin: The added applications will be integrated as a plug-in inside Operations Insight application.
  • API: API application is not possible to use on their own as it always requires one or multiple depending on frontend.
  • Mendix-based: Mendix is a software platform that provides tools for adding, registering, testing and managing applications. This feature is applicable only for MindSphere Cloud Foundry and self-hosted applications. When your application is marked with Mendix feature, then the user will be informed upon the production ready that a Mendix license is required to run this application. For more information on Mendix, see Developing Mendix Apps for MindSphere. When applications are added, they are available in DevOps Cockpit dashboard. After the registration of the applications, the standard UI applications are available on MindSphere Launchpad and the Operations Insight plugin applications are available in the Operations Insight dashboard.

Types of Application Infrastructure

DevOps Cockpit allows you to host your application on the following types:

  • Self Hosted: DevOps Cockpit provides a platform to integrate your own applications with MindSphere world. The self-hosted applications will be hosted on the private infrastructure.
  • MindSphere Cloud Foundry: These applications will be hosted in the MindSphere provided Cloud Foundry space. It supports MindSphere applications that consist of one or more components. Each component is represented by a Cloud Foundry application that requires to be run within Cloud Foundry Space. Currently, MindSphere supports only Cloud Foundry applications that have a single Cloud Foundry manifest configuration.


If you need MindSphere to host your application, you need to purchase the add-on IIoT Data Package, if this is not already included in your Capability Package..

Supported Infrastructure for each type of Application

The following table describes the supported infrastructure for each type of application:

Type of application Self-hosted MindSphere Cloud Foundry (add-on)
Operations Insight Plugin

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Last update: June 30, 2022