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Adding API dependency to the application

MindSphere allows a user to develop backend applications, to support single or multiple UI apps. These applications are called API type apps. The developer can re-use the functional logic in multiple applications.

API dependencies for applications enables you to build UI applications on top of already existing API applications from other developers. To use this new functionality, an operator will provision the API app to your developer tenant, and you can continue to use the provided functionality.


Maximum 5 dependencies can be added for an application.


To add an API dependency to the application, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Add API Dependency".
  2. Select the API type "Internal" or "External".


  3. Select the API application and click "Configure".


The API dependency is successfully added to the application. After adding the API dependency, you can click "Next" to proceed with next steps.


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Last update: September 2, 2022