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Adding and managing an application

Adding an application in DevOps Cockpit is the first step to start your journey with MindSphere. You can add different types of application based on the application type and hosting type.

Pre-requisites for adding an application

The following requirement apply for integrating your application into MindSphere:

  • Your Self Hosted application is reachable via DNS and a valid SSL certificate (self-signed certificates are not allowed).

Configurations of the Application

In DevOps Cockpit, you can add a new application by the following configuration types:

  • Create new application with default configuration: In this configuration, the application is auto-configured with the default version, CSP header and the application role and scope.
  • Create new application with Step by Step process (advanced configuration): In this configuration, the application is needs to be configured with the custom or advances configuration with step by step process.

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Last update: June 30, 2022