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Adding an application with default configuration

In DevOps Cockpit, you can quickly create an application with the default configuration.


To quickly create an application with default configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Login to DevOps Cockpit.
  2. In "Application" tab, click “Create New App”.
  3. Enter the "Display Name" and "Component Url".
  4. Upload the icon in the "Application Icon" field and click "Save". add-app-defaultconfig


    • You can click "Advanced Configuration" to configure your application with custom configuration, if required.
    • You can edit or delete the application in DevOps Cockpit, for more information, see Editing and Deleting of an application.
    • You can issue or revoke the application credentials for the application in DevOps Cockpit, see Issue application credentials.
  5. In application "Lifecycle Management", click "Register application" to register the application to the development environment.


  6. After the application is registered, select "Test environment(s)" and click "Start Provisioning" to provision the application to the test environment(s).


  7. After the application is tested in the provisioned test environment(s), select "Prepare Release" and configure the "App Credentials" for the application and then click "Submit" (optional).



    With "None" App Credentials, you are not allowed to perform all CRUD operations.

  8. After the application is set to "Ready for Production", enter the Developer Admin's "Primary Email" and "Alternate Email".

  9. Read and accept MindSphere agreement and then click "Submit"




The application is successfully assigned to an "Operator". The application is ready for the production and it will be available in "Application Overview" list.


① Allows to assign application to other Operator (Internal or External)

② Refresh to update the application assign status

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Last update: September 2, 2022